2020 marks A1’s 8th year of operation, providing an expert, high quality tanning service to the UK bodybuilding and physique scene.

Myself (Nicola) and my husband Kenny are both competitive athletes with an extensive experience in the UK scene, and Internationally at the Universe held in Germany. So we understand that tanning can be stressful, and we do our upmost to ensure every athlete has a pleasant experience. From the moment you book your tan you will be looked after.

You can find pre tanning information here and you will always be we welcome to contact us to ask any questions. We take care of everything on show day, and aftercare doo.

The whole team have been all been professionally trained in competition tanning, preparation and care. We are also fully insured, so you can have total peace of mind.

2020 A1 is proud to once again be the official tanners for IBFA, UKDFBA, NAC, FMU, LCBBS, NABBA. We also are tanning for other non official shows too, so feel free to contact and esquire about any UK show you may be attending.

If you go international then we do packages to take with you. Three weeks before your show we will send you pre tan information and a invoice for the full cost to be payed a week from your show. No need for a deposit unless we ask.

Competition tans are different to the tanning you receive on your local high street tanning booth. This is because of the extremely high luminosity of the stage lighting which can vary from venue to venue. We will take the guess work out of optimising your look, and will decide if you, as an individual, require 1 or 2 coats. This will depend on your skin type and the category you are competing in.

All skin tones and types require optimum tanning solutions when it comes to bodybuilding and physique competition, this includes Asian and black skin. No matter your colour or tone we will ensure you will look perfect on stage so no worries.

Most shows we will do 1 coat day before and 1 coat backstage on show day. Some shows it’s only possible to do 2 coats on show day. We will keep you fully appraised the situation of each show well before the event.

You can expect all A1 Tanning staff to work to the same procedures, all staff have been trained in a standardised way for all shows. Usually 2 to 4 days before show, or before, providing the promoters firm up running orders, we will send you your appointment time for your tan.

For the girls, when a light facial coat is required the day before show or early on show day, we will tell you in good time when your appointment for this will be. You will have plenty of time to get ready after tanning, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Please read the pre tan information that we sent to you for all info on how to prep your skin and what to wear show day.


Everyone should have time for their tan in accordance with the show running order, so there’s no point trying to get your tan done earlier than your appointment. The only exception to this, is if the show promoter changes the running order at short notice, then come and see us for reschedule.

Look out for our A1 comp tan banner or A1 signs that will show you where we are on show day. A member of the team will be at a table ready to welcome you so please approach and give us your name. If you don’t see our banners or signs, then ask any of the show officials to point you in the right direction. You will be expected to abide by the show promoters rules, so this means it’s likely that you will not be permitted an escort by family or friends to the tanning area.

When A1 are the official show tanners the team will remain backstage until the end of the show to provide you with our A1 service, or touching up, glazing, and gluing costumes, so you will always enter the stage flawlessly.

All the A1 team have experienced competition, so we fully understand the stresses, and nerves that athletes go through after the many weeks of hard graft and commitment comes to fruition. So we are happy to give our athletes any moral support we can, all you have to do is talk to us, and we will help as much as we can.

Your privacy is important to us, so every athlete has their own private tent, and access to the tanning area is prohibited access by the public. The whole process will take 15 to 20 minutes, from start to fully dried and ready. Where possible, males and females will be tanned in separate areas, but even when this is not possible, the individual tents are perfect for maintaining your privacy.

During your tanning your tanner will inform you of everything you need to do post tanning, with regards touch ups, glazing etc.

Where A1 is not the official tanning team backstage may be restricted to us. In this situation we will provide you with a touch up pack to take with you backstage.

Ladies; it is standard procedure that you are tanned naked, this is to avoid any lines, which will stand out like a sore thumb on stage and detract from the physique you’ve worked so hard for.

Guys; you will be provided with one of our trendy A1 socks (not the kind you put on your feed) to maintain your dignity, this will be the case for all categories.

We are all a very professional team and want you to have a perfect tan. However, this doesn’t mean we not light hearted, and we like to have some banter and laughs backstage. When you come off stage with that medal or trophy we love taking photos of you to keep in our memory bank. If you do not wish any photo’s we take to be published on social media or print. Your discretion will be strictly followed by A1.

Many of our athletes return show after show and we like to think this is a result of our exceptional service. In order to maintain our position in the competition tanning world we encourage competitors to leave us feedback so we can keep our service A1 by name and nature.

Feedback can be left on our facebook page. Or email our webmaster with Tanning Feedback on the email subject to have your testimonial added to this website.

Meet the Team; Below is some photos of my A1 team who you will see at some of your shows. We are athletes for athletes. We use our own tans when we compete. Tanned in Blackmagic tan .

MY Brother Mark