Here it is! Just what we have all been waiting for make yourself feel great the A1 natural professional self  tan mousse . This gives you a lovely glow and very easy to Apply.

You can apply the mousse with either a mitten, a roller or tanning gloves. We tried and tested all methods and we can confirm that the all work, giving a fantastic tan.  You can expect to see a nice colour develop immediately, and is to be left on overnight or after 8 hours before showing off the excess leaving a lovely colour. As an added bonus the product has a pleasant odor and dries very quickly.  It will last a long time and 1 bottle provides several applications, depending on the your size. The product is vegan friendly, not tested on animals and has no animal derived ingredients. The price is £23 per bottle inclusive of P&P and Mitten Applicator.  

This is a natural everyday tanning but if you are competing it can be used for bikini or mens physique athletes as a base tan .

For more information please text me on 07769187597 .

Enjoy your new tanning product … Nicola gilbert .